Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On The Paramount Set

Yesterday my son Ishai, who works as an Assistant Editor on Glee, took us on a wonderful tour of the Paramount set, which he calls a "a large construction site." I didn't imagine it that way until I walked through it & realized that's exactly what it is.

You walk down city streets you recognize because you've seen them in countless shows & films-- shady alleys, NYC neighborhoods, past bars & restaurants. You hear hammers, saws & drills, and breathe in the smells of fresh paint & wood, & you pass workers erecting & dismantling props & sets. You see a vast cloudy sky, store facades, cars with painted license plates, screens to decrease light ....

I'm starstruck, I confess. Proud of my son ... & impressed with all the creative energy at work bringing dreams to concrete life.

Details are eerily accurate & often very funny. 
Here are the pamphlets behind Emma's desk on the Glee set. 

The Glee set is vast, encompassing the high school locker hallway-- the one where you see the actors sing, dance, flirt & fight. The room where the Glee Club meets. The school auditorium. The NYC sets. The restaurant where Rachel & Santana work. The Glee sets take over several buildings-- more than any other show on the Paramount site.

Below is a picture of Ishai in his office in the Editing Trailer for Glee & American Horror Story.

And one of me on the steps of a New York brownstone on an empty street. Empty for the moment, waiting to be filled with characters, actors & drama.

This visit inspired me to get to work building my new novel. Time to open another room in the house of my mind-- one that opens to a neighborhood & family as colorful & exciting as the one in in DARKTOWN BLUES. At least I hope so!

Wishing you great inspirations, whatever you're working on!

Friday, October 4, 2013


Herewith, my recipe for writing a book:

1. Write a book. Write it hot.

2. Set aside to cool.

3. Write another book. Write it hot.

4. Set aside to cool.

5. Return to first book, now knowing more or less what it's about. Write over the first book. ****
                                          *** More on that in another post. ****

6. Season well & send out the book.

7. While waiting, rewrite the second book.

8. Season & send it out.

9. Start at #1 again.

Note: Do not try this at home without plenty of patience, humor, desperation, coffee & chocolate.

And let me know if you have any other suggestions! I'm always ready to try new recipes.