Monday, March 17, 2014


March 18th is my birthday, and this year, more than ever-- after a seemingly endless winter-- I wanna be Houdini!

He defied the limits of mortality and human weakness.

They locked him into chests and threw him into the East River. They imprisoned him in maximum security cells, chained and handcuffed him. They attached him to ropes slung from skyscrapers and bound him inside straitjackets.

And he escaped. Over and over, he freed himself.

He defied the limits of his own personal identity-- a Hungarian Jew born Erik Weisz in in 1874, only 5'6" tall-- he transformed himself into the greatest magician the world had ever seen. He made us believe humans can free themselves from any prison, any terrible circumstance, any lock that imprisons our minds.

I don't make resolutions on New Year's Day-- I make them on my birthday. So this year I want to become a true magician.

I want to:

BREAK FREE from straitjackets, prison cells, handcuffs and blinders that lock me inside limitations.

RIP off every "mind-forg'd manacle" (William Blake's term) that holds me back from writing, living, creating and loving the way I can if I'm free.

BITE into freedom, press the sun against my heart, find joy in my work, and connect connect connect.

Will you join me?



TeriBrownwrites said...

I love this post and Houdini! (I wrote Born of Illusion, so I'm partial)

Ruth Setton said...

Teri-- I'm so happy you like this post! I love magic & Houdini-- & I just ordered your book. Can't wait to read it!